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The TechHub is made possible by a non-profit association. 

Düsseldorf institutions and companies have joined forces. They are united by the idea of strengthening the Düsseldorf location in the long term and sustainably. The association is conserned with collecting donations, finding sponsors and supporting the TechHub as associate of the gGmbH. They contribute their different know-how and actively support the hub.  Would you like to support the work of the association? 

We are:


"With the TechHub.K67 we support startups with a focus on digitization and technology and are establishing another important part in the startup ecosystem. The targeted merger of companies, science and startups creates a tech network that promotes and accelerates the further development of technical innovations This is Düsseldorf: A strong network and framework conditions that make innovation and creativity possible."

dr Stephan Keller, Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf

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Support for startups and innovation in Düsseldorf and the region


The K67 Supporter Club supports the work of the TechHub with donations and thus makes the educational and event program possible


Preparing for an investor pitch or leading a team requires intensive coaching. With a one-time or annual donation of 250 euros, the members of the K67 Supporter Club support high-quality coaching and networking events for the founding teams in the K67..

We would be happy to receive a donation to our non-profit association!

Donations are via the online form thatpdf formor directly abovePayPal possible.


Please include your name and address with your donation or bank transfer so that we can send you a donation receipt..

Förderverein TechHub.K67 e.V.

IBAN DE12 3005 0110 1008 6707 94


Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf


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Unsere Partner

Our partners

The TechHub.K67 is not only supported by its hub patrons but also by companies that contribute their expertise in different areas

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